zen-e-ol-ogy ®

Zen-Inspired Products for the Family, Home and Pets - COMING SOON!

zen-e-ol-ogy® /zen e aleje (verb) – the ritual and practice of wearing relaxed, refined, subtle luxury 

Coming Soon!  Introducing a mystical, exotic, luxury product line to complement your solfeggio no. 9® sacred sound journey experience and zen-inspired lifestyle.  


Solfeggio no. 9® signature Parfum and Fragrances (from the House of Matriarch) 

Organic Soaps Candles 

Zen-spirational Precious & Semi-Precious Bangles, Pendants, Earrings, Rings and Bobbles 

Luxury Silks and Yoga Wear/ Athleisure Wear 

Authentically-inspired Home Decor and Textiles

Essential Oils 

Doggie and Kittie Suede Microfiber Yoga Mats for pet therapy and recover sound sessions

Solfeggio no. 9® Adult Microfiber Yoga Mats

zen-e-ol -ogy® is a registered trademark of solfeggio no. 9® a sacred sound journey. 

Essenial Oils

Solfeggio No. 9 is pleased work with and represent both Young Living Oils and doTerra Essential Oils for family, home and pet applications.  Please contact me to learn more about essential oils and how they can enhance your health and well-being.   

doTerra:  my.doterra.com/dhertzog

Young Living Oils:  Debra Hertzog / Member # 14855965


Purium Live SuperFoods

Purium is one of the world's leading organic, non-gmo superfoods that provide tremendous nutrition through a complete line of industry-leading health and wellness products for adults and children.  

Check out the new CBD Oil for complete cellular nutritional, rejuvenation, and recovery absorption.  The highest grade and purest CBD Oil in the market industry.

Purium: www.ishoppurium.com 

Gift card/discount code:  the ninth shambhala 

or Redeem Your $50 Gift Card at MyPuriumGift.com 

Gift Code:  the ninth shambhala

Feel free to email me at debra@solfeggio9.com for more details on the Purium Business Opportunity.

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Retail Products

PURIUM SUPER ORGANIC FOODS / 10 Day Transformation Program


($9.99 shipping)

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The Purium 10 Day Transformation is a wonderful detox and cleansing program that gives your body a break from processed foods and helps to gently cleanse away metals and toxins from the body.  To learn more call me at 760-321-3399 or email me at debra@solfeggio9.com

To Redeem Your $50 Gift Card, go to:

www.ishoppurium.com and use code

the ninth shambhala.


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